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Backend Python Engineer | Django | SQL

As a developer, what sets me apart is my diverse background and passion for continuous learning. My developer journey began with a strong foundation in web development, where I honed my skills in Python frameworks such as Django and Flask. However, I didn't stop there. I actively sought opportunities to expand my knowledge and expertise, branching out into areas like data scraping, automation, and API development. This multidimensional skill set allows me to approach projects from various angles and deliver comprehensive solutions. Recently, I achieved a significant milestone by successfully leading a backend development team in delivering a complex project within tight deadlines. This experience not only showcased my technical abilities but also highlighted my strong leadership and project management skills. I thrived in a collaborative environment, guiding and mentoring team members to achieve their best performance. One of the things that excites me most about being a developer is the constant evolution of technology. I'm always eager to embrace new tools, frameworks, and languages to stay at the forefront of innovation. Recently, I delved into the world of data science and machine learning, applying Python libraries like Pandas and Scikit-learn to solve real-world problems. This expansion of my skill set allows me to bridge the gap between data analysis and software development, opening up new possibilities for creative and impactful solutions. Passion drives my work as a developer. I'm truly enthusiastic about crafting clean, efficient, and scalable code that solves problems and enhances user experiences. I thrive on the challenge of translating complex requirements into elegant solutions and take pride in delivering high-quality software that exceeds expectations. What sets me apart is not just my technical expertise, but also my ability to empathize with end-users and understand their needs. I have a strong attention to detail, which enables me to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, my effective communication skills and collaborative nature allow me to work seamlessly with cross-functional teams, translating technical concepts into accessible language for non-technical stakeholders. In summary, my unique blend of technical skills, leadership abilities, continuous learning mindset, and passion for delivering exceptional results make me a valuable asset as a developer. I bring a versatile skill set, adaptability, and a drive to go beyond expectations to create innovative solutions that address complex challenges. I'm ready to contribute my expertise and make a positive impact in any development team or project.

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Lateral thinker seeking new challenges

I am experienced in machine learning, testing and especially automation. Prior to graduation, I nurtured my interest in computational neuroscience and built a spiking neuron model for a neuromorphic computer. Some of its early iterations were written in Python. I was also fortunate enough to contribute to the construction and launch of rockets for the Manchester University Society for the Exploration and Development of Space (MANSEDS) - at that time, I also became familiar with configuring real-time Linux operating systems while investigating the Society's potential use of self-landing rockets. I have always placed a premium on achieving efficiency in the long term, both in identifying new features which could minimise task redundancy, and in ensuring these solutions were scalable when they needed to be. While working for Data Interconnect, I made extensive use of PHP (embedded in JSON-based maps) and HTML/CSS (in templates) for the processing of financial data by Corrivo, a cloud-based e-billing service which, in some cases, handled millions of documents per client. At Avon Cosmetics, as a member of the QA team for a mobile app, I created a Typescript-based framework for the app's API testing, facilitating automated testing for the team. I will bring this approach – along with an eye for detail and a knack for lateral thinking – to my next role. As someone with Asperger's, I would be excited to join a company which welcomes neurodiversity. My previous role ended on 1st December, 2022: the department was closed and most of its work was contracted out. The reference in my CV elaborates on this and my time in that role. After participating in the knowledge transfer and leaving the company, I drew closer to my roots by taking a course in neuronal dynamics of cognition. Since finishing this, I have been pursuing a stronger grasp of Python (among other languages) and would relish opportunities to gain experience with new technologies and techniques. I have especially keen interests in artificial intelligence and computational biology, and hope to make a difference at a company which aims to do the same.

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Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience in designing, coding, testing, and maintaining complex software systems across diverse sectors.

Accomplished software engineer with comprehensive experience designing, coding, testing, and maintaining complex software systems along with executing multiple projects across diverse sectors. Well-versed in overseeing software development lifecycle from inception to implementation by leading and collaborating with cross-functional teams. Profound expertise in developing web frameworks, writing testable and readable codes, building various machine learning models, driving process improvements, and analysing large amount of information/datasets. Demonstrated ability in leveraging Agile and test-driven development methodologies to create high-quality software products. Adept at identifying and mitigating technical problems along with recommending appropriate solutions in timely and efficient manner. Areas of Expertise ♦ Software Development Lifecycle ♦ Machine Learning Algorithms ♦ Data Analytics & Management ♦ Data engineering ♦ Complex Problem Resolution ♦ Process Improvement ♦ Team Leadership & Collaboration ♦ Reporting & Documentation ♦ Agile Methodologies Technical Proficiencies Programming: Python | Jquery | Node JS| XML | HTML | CSS | Java script |Flask| Jinja2 | NumPy | Pandas | NLTK | Pytorch | Sklearn | Rest API | PySpark |Mustache Data Analytics: Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence | Deep Learning | Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) | Computer Vision | NLP | Azure Data Factory| SQL Server | MySQL IDE Tools: Jupyter Notebook | Eclipse | VS Code | Pycharm Cloud: Microsoft Azure | Riak | Splunk | Redis| MongoDB |GCP |AWS |AWS LAMBDA DevOps: Jira | Jenkins | Github | Netron Operating Systems: Windows 11 | Ubuntu (Linux)

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