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Backend Python Engineer | Django | SQL | GCP/AWS

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I am an experienced software engineer with expertise in a range of programming languages and technologies.

I have a strong background in developing backend systems and web applications, utilizing frameworks like Django, Flask, Java/Spring, and Ruby on Rails. I have worked with various cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and have experience with containerization solutions like Docker. I have also worked with databases such as SQL (MySQL, Postgres), MongoDB, and ElasticSearch/Kibana. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated an ability to interface with APIs, build extraction pipelines, and implement business logic while maintaining code quality through testing and continuous integration.

I have contributed to projects in diverse industries, including retail investment, healthcare, finance, and government, showcasing my adaptability and problem-solving skills.

My educational background includes certificates in Data Science from General Assembly and computer science courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with a bachelor's degree from James Madison University.