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Backend Python Engineer | Django | SQL

As a developer, what sets me apart is my diverse background and passion for continuous learning. My developer journey began with a strong foundation in web development, where I honed my skills in Python frameworks such as Django and Flask. However, I didn't stop there. I actively sought opportunities to expand my knowledge and expertise, branching out into areas like data scraping, automation, and API development. This multidimensional skill set allows me to approach projects from various angles and deliver comprehensive solutions. Recently, I achieved a significant milestone by successfully leading a backend development team in delivering a complex project within tight deadlines. This experience not only showcased my technical abilities but also highlighted my strong leadership and project management skills. I thrived in a collaborative environment, guiding and mentoring team members to achieve their best performance. One of the things that excites me most about being a developer is the constant evolution of technology. I'm always eager to embrace new tools, frameworks, and languages to stay at the forefront of innovation. Recently, I delved into the world of data science and machine learning, applying Python libraries like Pandas and Scikit-learn to solve real-world problems. This expansion of my skill set allows me to bridge the gap between data analysis and software development, opening up new possibilities for creative and impactful solutions. Passion drives my work as a developer. I'm truly enthusiastic about crafting clean, efficient, and scalable code that solves problems and enhances user experiences. I thrive on the challenge of translating complex requirements into elegant solutions and take pride in delivering high-quality software that exceeds expectations. What sets me apart is not just my technical expertise, but also my ability to empathize with end-users and understand their needs. I have a strong attention to detail, which enables me to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, my effective communication skills and collaborative nature allow me to work seamlessly with cross-functional teams, translating technical concepts into accessible language for non-technical stakeholders. In summary, my unique blend of technical skills, leadership abilities, continuous learning mindset, and passion for delivering exceptional results make me a valuable asset as a developer. I bring a versatile skill set, adaptability, and a drive to go beyond expectations to create innovative solutions that address complex challenges. I'm ready to contribute my expertise and make a positive impact in any development team or project.

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Experienced Developer | MSc Computer Science | Full Stack

Expert at developing custom solutions for complex business needs. I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration, and a Master of Computer Science. This gives me a unique perspective built on interdisciplinary knowledge of both fields. In addition to my development expertise and business acumen, I bring to the table an in-depth understanding of related areas including system design and administration, cybersecurity, cloud services (AWS/Google), data analytics, AI, unit testing and code review. I am a collaborative and enthusiastic professional who thrives on fast-paced situations as naturally as in long-term projects. My approach when solving problems is to break them down into atomic parts and work upwards to a holistic solution. Recent projects include: Logistics dashboard that tracks inbound shipments and integrates with the client's ERP system resulting in greater visibility of inventory positions and more strategic long-term planning. Shopify/eBay/MWS integration to ERP for a retailer to unify pricing, inventory levels, streamline returns, and provide sales channel analytics resulting in labor savings, and a unified sales strategy. Industrial dashboard written for a start-up, with React, Socket IO, MQTT, and Flask that gives the controller up-to-date information about the state of the machine and the ability to manipulate physical control surfaces. Complex government-level supply chain simulation that was used to identify inefficiencies in the current distribution schema.

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Python Developer | Data Analyst | Mathematician

As an experienced Python developer, data analyst, and software engineer with a strong background in mathematics, I focus on using my skills to drive innovation, optimize processes, and deliver data-driven solutions. With a proven track record in industries such as EdTech, gaming, and academia, I have demonstrated my ability to develop impactful data models, create efficient software, and enhance organizational performance. I am fluent in Python and SQL, have built both backend APIs and frontend websites, and have extensive experience in data analysis and mathematical modeling. Proficient in working across multiple environments such as macOS, Windows, and Linux, I am adept at adapting to diverse technological ecosystems and tackling challenges from various angles. Throughout my career, I have held positions such as Python Developer, Head Instructor, Adjunct Math Professor, Teaching Assistant, and Content Creator. In each role, I have showcased my adaptability and ability to produce results, whether in enhancing student performance, streamlining processes through automation, or designing innovative educational content. As a Head Instructor at Study Edge, I contributed to a 5% growth in views year-over-year, reaching over 1500+ customers. In my role as a Python Developer at Grover Gaming, I automated a market invoicing task, saving 400+ person-hours per year. As an effective communicator, I have experience in leading and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver exceptional outcomes. With a focus on continuous learning and improvement, I am always seeking new challenges and opportunities to apply my skills in novel ways. My goal is to continue leveraging my unique blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills to create value, drive positive change, and contribute to the success of businesses and individuals alike.

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