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Highly skilled python developer, skilled in flask and django

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I began learning python over 10 years ago as a high school junior. Since that time, I have completed an associates degree in computer science, and have been employed full time in a developer role for the last 4 years. I recently completed my bachelor's degree in computer science and am looking for my next challenge.

I am passionate about building high quality software solutions. I have much experience constructing sensor to cloud IoT solutions that have included writing micropython applications that run on embedded systems as well as network infrastructure to process and store data.

I am an expert in the python programming language with 4 years of professional experience, with deep knowledge of the Django and flash web frameworks. I have designed and developed modbus serial clients, modbus serial to ip and an edge hosted modbus master server. In addition to modbus, I am highly knowledgeable of binary serial protocols and have implemented clients and bridges for some lesser known protocols.