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Polyglot with a Python/Django preference. Your CTO's best friend.

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Feel free to ask me what Startups are like. I've been writing code since 1998, and yes you can ask me what green screen command lines are like.

I'm a polyglot developer who has worked on tons of different systems. I very often end up in Python/Django somewhere, but somewhere can include a multitude of places connecting to even more varying technologies.

At this point in my career, if you're looking at my skills as some checklist of have/doesn't, I going to counter with "It's just RTFM and implement" and be confident I can deliver on it.

I enjoy applied statistics and card games, and have been seen in the highest spots of the Hearthstone ladder from time to time, which I feel a superior accomplishment to playing poker for a living before I really doubled down on computer science.

You're not just getting an ordinary developer with Daniel. You're getting one of the best available on the market, having lead small teams towards higher and higher victories, and a broad understanding of common systems having worked in many types of businesses