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Former Lead Backend Engineer at a Series A startup. 8 years SaaS experience at big data startups

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Seasoned engineer with 8 years of experience working at small ambitious startups.
In my most recent role I joined the product engineering team as a tech lead when we had 3 other engineers on the pod, grew the team 3x that, and became the de-facto head of product backend engineering, being the technical ambassador and authority for new backend initiatives while continuing to function as an individual contributor at the senior engineer level. Unfortunately I was impacted by the recent layoffs, though honestly I needed to take some time off anyways.

In the past I've dabbled in some frontend Javascript and some data engineering outside web frameworks, but my specialty has been architecting performant APIs that perform more complex analysis on the fly.

Mostly interested in senior python engineering roles currently, though I'm not in a rush and want to be sure that whatever product I work on next is something I'm genuinely excited about.