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I am experienced in machine learning, testing and especially automation. Prior to graduation, I nurtured my interest in computational neuroscience and built a spiking neuron model for a neuromorphic computer. Some of its early iterations were written in Python. I was also fortunate enough to contribute to the construction and launch of rockets for the Manchester University Society for the Exploration and Development of Space (MANSEDS) - at that time, I also became familiar with configuring real-time Linux operating systems while investigating the Society's potential use of self-landing rockets.

I have always placed a premium on achieving efficiency in the long term, both in identifying new features which could minimise task redundancy, and in ensuring these solutions were scalable when they needed to be. While working for Data Interconnect, I made extensive use of PHP (embedded in JSON-based maps) and HTML/CSS (in templates) for the processing of financial data by Corrivo, a cloud-based e-billing service which, in some cases, handled millions of documents per client. At Avon Cosmetics, as a member of the QA team for a mobile app, I created a Typescript-based framework for the app's API testing, facilitating automated testing for the team. I will bring this approach – along with an eye for detail and a knack for lateral thinking – to my next role.

As someone with Asperger's, I would be excited to join a company which welcomes neurodiversity. My previous role ended on 1st December, 2022: the department was closed and most of its work was contracted out. The reference in my CV elaborates on this and my time in that role. After participating in the knowledge transfer and leaving the company, I drew closer to my roots by taking a course in neuronal dynamics of cognition. Since finishing this, I have been pursuing a stronger grasp of Python (among other languages) and would relish opportunities to gain experience with new technologies and techniques. I have especially keen interests in artificial intelligence and computational biology, and hope to make a difference at a company which aims to do the same.