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I started programming In Elementary School when my mother bought a TI-99 computer and about the only thing you could use it for is to learn BASIC, so that’s what I did. Fast forward to 2013—I was working for a start-up and my mom comes to me with this crazy idea for a business she wants to create and she wants me to build the software. We build an MVP in a few months, start bringing on customers, and 5 years later our start-up is being acquired, allowing my mom to comfortably retire!

I love to build software and have been involved in a number of projects, start-ups, and companies. I’ve worked at all technical ranks, starting from a Junior Developer, into a Senior Engineer, and a Co-Founder / CTO.

I’ve been working in Python for 17 years mostly in Web Development. I am very skilled in AWS and SQL—particularly Postgres.

Over my career, I’ve built a number of applications as a solo-developer, so I am also skilled in Front End (JS) and DevOps.