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I am a dedicated mid-level python developer with 5+ years of experience in web app development and game development. Drives innovative and cutting-edge business solutions to build an impressive suite of clients within the company's global reach. Values production design skills and project management to ensure that projects meet deadlines.

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I am an experienced software developer with expertise in project management, production design, and proficiency in various programming languages, frameworks, and tools. I possess effective communication, problem-solving, and flexible skills and I am dedicated to achieving outstanding results while maintaining high standards of professionalism. My skills include Python, C#, Go, Java, Flask, Django, FastAPI, Gnet, Iris, Sklearn, BS4, Pandas, Numpy, Streamlit, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Visual Studio Code, Git, Gitlab, Unity, Docker, Jira, Trello, team working, solid programming, clean-code, Scrum, Agile, and OOP. My experience includes working as a backend developer for MetaKing Studios and Masterabode, a Python developer for Viraco, and a Unity game developer for Hoogo Studio and Paradise Studio. I hold a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and I have published research on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Spacecraft Health Monitoring System.

My warrior spirit doesn't fear challenges, and I don't back down from them. After I looked at the python developers' roadmap, suddenly, the universe revealed to me that you are capable of dealing with "backed" and "data". It is now time for me to listen to the world! Certainly, there is still much to learn, more problems to solve, more fields to explore, and yet more to build.

My tech stack at a glance:

Python - 4 years
Flask - 3 years
Django - 1.5 year
Go - 1 year
Unity & C# - 3.5 years
Databases - 3 years

Visa FYI: My earliest starting date depends on visa and relocation processes and I need visa sponsorship to relocate.