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Sr Software Developer & Big Data Architect (python, java, Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, hive, Django & flask, Azure and AWS)

I am a seasoned professional experienced in designing, developing, and maintaining robust data engineering solutions and full-stack applications. With a strong background in data engineering, I excel in building scalable and distributed systems for processing and analyzing large datasets in real-time. In terms of programming languages, I possess advanced proficiency in Python, Java, and SQL, leveraging their power to implement efficient and optimized solutions. I have extensive experience working with Apache Spark, utilizing its capabilities for big data processing and analytics. My expertise extends to various cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and GCP. I am well-versed in deploying and managing applications in cloud environments, utilizing services such as AWS Lambda, S3, EMR, Azure Data Lake, and GCP BigQuery. As a full stack developer, I have hands-on experience with web frameworks like Flask, Django, and Spring Boot, enabling me to build scalable and responsive web applications. I am adept at containerization technologies such as Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes for deploying and managing microservices architecture. Furthermore, I possess knowledge of message streaming systems, particularly Apache Kafka, for building real-time data pipelines and event-driven architectures. I have experience with configuration management tools like Ansible to automate and manage infrastructure as code. With proficiency in front-end development, I can create dynamic and interactive user interfaces using Angular, ensuring a seamless user experience. As a senior data engineer and full stack developer, I am highly skilled in problem-solving, system architecture design, and performance optimization. I am dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions and staying up to date with the latest technologies and industry best practices. Overall, I bring a wealth of experience and a comprehensive skill set to contribute to the success of data-driven projects and full-stack development endeavors.

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Dynamic and multiskilled Software Engineer (full stack) - over 10 years experience - specializing in Accessibility

I began building computers in 1993 when my mother (a quadrilateral amputee) was given a computer as an accessibility device by the state of California. As was common at the time, her IBM 386 machine would break in a myriad of ways and the independent computer technician we paid to repair these issues took me on as her apprentice, teaching me to identify the different boards used in computers, how to assemble them into a working machine, and even write necessary system files from memory (config.sys, command.com, etc.). Soon, I had built my own 8088 and taken over the tech support for fixing my mother's computer. In high school, I had access to programming classes, including C++, Pascal, and Basic/VBasic and taught myself HTML (and later CSS and JavaScript) for fun. I began building websites as a freelancer shortly after graduating high school and continued to teach myself various other languages and frameworks: PHP, Python, Angular, and React. I am currently experimenting with single board computers, headless CMS (content management systems), and delving into machine learning and data science. I also truly enjoy QA, testing, auditing, code reviews, and peer programming and I am passionate about accessibility. My lengthy and varied studies give me a unique perspective - from understanding hardware processing and memory management to the evolution of various languages and approaches, and my experience in the corporate world gives me insight into business practices and needs, laws and regulations, as well as team dynamics. Currently, I am building a new personal portfolio site utilizing headless CMS and am looking to launch it in the upcoming week.

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